Microchip Technology

Written by  on July 6, 2016

The past few years have seen cell phone technology expand in the most incredible way. If you looked at a phone from five years ago, it will seem cheap and average as compared to the phones being released today. In the same way, if you compared a phone from five years ago to one from ten years ago, it seems like a day and night difference. But the interesting thing is that one technology has not really improved along with cell phones: battery technology.

People still have the same problem with their cell phone that they always had. The battery does not last for very long! This is a problem that does not seem to go away. Whether you get an iPhone, Android or Windows Phone, you are going to end up with the same issue. If you use your phone a lot, it will run out of battery before the day is out. While this is not an issue for people who are around the house or in the office, but those on the go will struggle when their phone’s battery is about to die.

But what can you do if your phone does not get you through the day? You can try and limit your usage, by only using Wi-Fi when you really need it. You can also make sure background apps are closed, because they take up a lot of battery as they constantly refresh your Facebook and Twitter feeds. You also have the option of buying a backup battery or a portable charger. This will give you double the battery life you would normally get, but it also means carrying an accessory wherever you go.

Another thing we can hope for is that Microchip and other technologies will eventually advance to the level where we do not have to worry about our cell phone battery dying after 12 hours.